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Why the Woodlands is Right for You

Buying a home and/or moving is a considerable change in any season of life. You may have been contemplating a move for quite some time but were unable to find a place that met your needs and desires at this stage in your life. Here are a few reasons The Woodlands is right for you:...

Published on 5/18/2020 (2 years 10 days ago)



Preparing for The Woodlands

This picture is very pleasing to the eye. Everything has a place and space. No matter what size of a home you have lived in, any sized home can feel spacious and pleasant if time and care is taken to organize and downsize, being careful to keep only elements that we need and that bring us joy....

Published on 5/15/2020 (2 years 13 days ago)



Downsize your Worries

The “American Dream” may not include “smaller as better”, but many have found this to be quite true. I personally remember when my parents relocated from their large, 4-bedroom home in the suburbs of a major city, and into a small condo here in Kalispell (The Woodlands were not built yet or they would be there! :) ) ...

Published on 4/30/2020 (2 years 28 days ago)


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