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Downsize your Worries


The | April 30, 2020

The “American Dream” may not include “smaller as better”, but many have found this to be quite true. I personally remember when my parents relocated from their large, 4-bedroom home in the suburbs of a major city, and into a small condo here in Kalispell (The Woodlands were not built yet or they would be there! :) ) They have not regretted the decision once, although adjustments had to be made both mentally and with their physical possessions. Local Montanans can be accustomed to wide open spaces where neighbors are 4 miles away and houses ramble on and on. Age, along with desires of a lifestyle change has opened up our area to developments such as The Woodlands where homeowners desire to enjoy Montana without the upkeep of a single family dwelling.

In addition to this, condominiums are a relatively new type of housing here in the Flathead Valley and the desire for more condominiums is growing. Also, the retirement community is the fastest growing demographic in our area. Local developer, Curt Lund, is answering a need of retirementaged people by providing beautiful, easy-to-care-for homes. As you consider The Woodlands for your next home, it may be helpful to consider these things~ especially if you are downsizing:

The Woodlands is an exceptional choice for those who want to make a change into a more costeffective, convenient, low-maintenance home so as to enjoy this season of life to its fullest.


I believe The Woodlands will truly help you to downsize your worries!


  • Understand that downsizing is a positive way to allow for a more simple, low-maintenance lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that the short-term changes will be easy. Decisions will have to be made regarding what is important enough to keep and what should have been tossed out long ago. The goal to keep on the horizon is that of your long-term comfort and ease of living…which The Woodlands was designed for.
  • Questions of how life events will be affected. Our home growing up, was the hub of all things Thanksgiving. Thirty to thirty-five people would gather around folding tables of all assorted shapes and sizes. Board games and cards were played until the smallest of children fell asleep and the adults were so tired they didn’t know if they could find their hotel. It ended with that milestone meal where we gathered and thanked God for our blessings. Then my parents downsized. Now we have Thanksgiving at my Uncle’s house and my mom finds herself to be quite ok with that. The Woodlands has The Commons. 7,000 sq. ft. of additional space with outdoor patios and acres of green grass to share with your family and friends.
  • Cost. We have created a “Cost of Living Comparison” worksheet for those interested in The Woodlands. Long-term maintenance, short-term repairs, even home owner’s insurance and internet costs are all included in your HOA fees at The Woodlands. We invite you to see if this cost comparison is better than what you are experiencing in your current home.
  • Convenience. The Woodlands is centrally located (see our Local Pastimes page here on our website) from many of Flathead Valley’s amenities. A large grocery store is within walking distance and stores of all kinds are just a short drive away. The Hospital and its multiple treatment centers are only 3.3 miles away.


The Woodlands will truly help you to downsize your worries!

Published on 4/30/2020 (2 years 28 days ago)

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